dreams of the day when i’ll get to 3k followers

so close yet so far

hello, it feels very monochrome here
Anonymous: I just watched Gravity(only bits and pieces, really because I got scared) and space seems so empty and terrifying.

i still haven’t seen that movie, but i know what you mean.

there’s just so much out there that we have no idea about, which can be scary, but i think it’s exciting.

Anonymous: Space is lovely. I'm sure that, someday, you'll be able to go up there. What's your favorite thing about space?

haha maybe, who knows.

idk there’s just so MUCH of it, and nobody ever really thinks about it because they only focus on their own lives, but there are so many things out there that we couldn’t even dream about. it doesn’t seem real, but it is. i’m getting existential now.

Anonymous: Aerospace sounds really cool! Is there a reason you picked it, specifically?

i’ve always loved space. rockets are amazing.

maybe i can’t go to space, but i can make stuff that will, which is pretty cool.

Anonymous: Yay for being done! You're smart, I'm sure you'll pass. :) And I feel like engineering is one of those fields where a lot of the people in it have similar interests. What kind of engineering are you doing?

haha my test grades do not reflect that, but thank you

and yeah, everyone’s pretty nerdy for the most part. i’m going into aerospace engineering.

Anonymous: How much more physics do you have to take before you're done? And nice! Making new friends can always be a little weird but it's always really cool to find people who you get along with really well.

THIS IS IT, I’M DONE AFTER THIS SEMESTER assuming i pass this class

i’ve been making new friends within my engineering classes, which is weird because we’re all awkward people but we all get along anyway

Anonymous: Physics is fun. Kind of. I actually haven't taken a physics class in a couple years. And that's great! It's always nice to hang out with people. I bet your friends are really cool, because you're really cool. :)

imho physics is not so fun. it was fun in 11th grade when it was easy and my teacher used my tests to check her answers (true story). now it’s slowly killing me

my friends are pretty cool and i’m actually making new ones, which is strange. you’re the awesome one, anon


[heavy breathing] hey u wanna watch star trek

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Anonymous: Iced coffee is delicious. Hope you're getting some work done! I know I'm not. How has your weekend been so far?

i’m sort of doing physics homework, but not really.

my weekend has been pretty great. much more social than my normal weekends of sitting alone in my room on the internet

Anonymous: Hello, this is Anon. How are you today?

hi anon! i’m sitting in the library doing homework (bad) but drinking a fuckton of iced coffee (good).